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Resources for users of MAD Version 8

This page provides unsupported, supplementary material to that on the main MAD Home Page which contains the official user manuals. It is more transitory and, possibly, less reliable or out-of-date but is intended to be helpful.  Items which disappear from this page may reappear on the main MAD Home Page and vice-versa (happening more often from 2008 ...).

MAD8 for Windows

 MAD8 documentation in PDF format

Discussion group  


MAD and Mathematica


MAD8 for Windows

MAD Version 8 is available for all 32-bit Windows platforms.  Please see these instructions to install it.

Documents about MAD Version 8 in PDF format

These documents have thumbnail images of each page for convenience in browsing them.
(These are the same as (formerly?) available in Postscript format on the MAD Home Page.)

MAD Version 8 with acceleration

This is a  version of MAD Version 8 modified at SLAC to include acceleration; documentation can be found at  NLC Simulation Codes. (link updated 24/7/2000)

Madtomma Packages and example applications for interacting with Mathematica.  Many more possibilities exist than presently documented here.  In particular, it is possible to drive a MAD process entirely within Mathematica, providing a higher-level interface.  More in due course as this is developed.

Some Useful Links

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